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RaceAnalyse system is a high precision 10Hz GNSS telemetry transponder with wireless GSM live data streaming to the internet. Additional it includes a virtual trainer software application for your personalized data analysis.


RaceAnalyse is already on over 100 race tracks in Europe and USA regularly in use and works on each race circuit globally. For each track selected reference laps are available to easily compare and analyse your riding style to get finally faster. As well it is very easy to compare your laps and racing style with your team mates to learn from each other and improve your lap times.


RaceAnalyse system is used by professional race teams in FIM CEF Respol Moto2 European Championship and proof of concept by John McGuinness the 23 times winner of Isle of Man TT.


The easy to use web application analysis software works as well on Mobil Phone, Apple, Android, MS-Explorer and Edge, Firefox, Tablet, PC and TV. No software installation or updates are necessary.

RaceAnalyse System - SwissMade


10Hz GNSS transponder with GSM data telemetry to internet and virtual trainer application for detailed lap analysis.

Incl. VAT plus including 1 Year data telemetry and web application analysis software services - fair use

10Hz GPS Racer

595,00 €

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After the first year the cost for the Data and Application Service, including server maintenance is in average EUR 45.- to 95.- per Year, depending on the amount of usage.


This includes as well all the continuous software updates and upgrades to enhance your data analysis capabilities. To profit from this persistent application development no manual software installation and updates are necessary.