• 10Hz high accuracy low power Swiss Made global 4-fold satellite navigation system module (GNSS)
  • GNSS sensor  includes NAVSTAR GPS (USA), GLONASS (USSR), Galileo (EU) und Beidou (China)
  • Up to 0,5m GNSS sensor horizontal position accuracy
  • A-GPS technology for faster GNSS start-up performance and enhanced positioning precision 
  • Inertial measurement unit (IMU sensor) with 3D accelerometer, 3D gyroscope and 3D magnetometer for the measurement of drive dynamic 
  • Bike leaning angle appraisal
  • Internet access via M2M network with encrypted and compressed wireless data transmitting
  • 8GB memory for redundant and extended drive data storage
  • Powerful lithium ion battery with auto on/off mode for extended operation time and fast recharging 
  • Intelligent battery power consumption management with standby/idle mode if bike is not in use
  • 3 color LEDs for battery charging level, GNSS status, data server connection and data transmitting activity
  • Battery charging time: typically 3 hours
  • Device Dimensions: about 100 x 60 x 25 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 100 gram
  • Housing: Waterproof IP64
    When used in severe water conditions with more than splashing water, we recommend using an IPX8 waterproof bag.
  • Operating temperature: 0-55°C
  • Transponder ID: Unique and encrypted number
  • Speed: up to 370 km/h

§This specifications are tentative and subject to VIP feedbacks and changes

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