What makes professionals that fast?

RaceAnalyse the Internet of Motorsport 4.0 with the virtual trainer, the social motorsport network, digital data and video analysis

New SwissMade digital RaceAnalyse system is a high precision high frequency satellite based live data recording and streaming system with up to 0,5m accuracy. This virtual trainer has built-in quad-band digital machine to machine telemetry to transmit your comprehensive motor sport data to the cloud. Further it contains 3D-Gyroscope, 3D-Angular and 3D-Magnetic field sensors for additional parameter measurements.

Moreover RaceAnalyse offers the first motorsport Internet application with YouTube HD video data overlay for enhanced and even more sport driver data analysis.

Digital RaceAnalyse high precision transponder offers all this and moreover it enables collecting a highly dimensional data set from various sensor sources. Using this most advanced easy-to-use big data sampling IoT edge hardware and state of the art web based analysis software enables us to model your personal ride style. Further it uncovers secrets that helps you for safer driving while having more fun and finally get faster.

Testimonials: Professionals and hobby driver

RaceAnalyse MotoGP
Jonas Folger in Italy

«Great product made in Swiss! Perfect to work on your lap times, lines and riding style. No matter if you are riding a race bike or MX bike»


MotoGP Team Yamaha

10.Rang MotoGP

1.Rang IDM

RaceAnalyse Car
Matthias Swiss Lotus Team

«Faster again thanks to MasterLapTM; learned from RaceAnalyse»



Since 1978

RaceAnalyse MotoGP Moto2
MotoGP Racer Jonas#94 und Marcel#23

«We both use RaceAnalyse to be able to compare each other»


3. Rank WorldSBK
Moto2 Team Intact GP Kalex

8. Rank Moto2

9. Rank Moto2

Citation Casey Stoner; 2-time MotoGP world champion

There are many ways to drive fast with a Superbike, but most of them are not really safe - therefore you crash. But we have learned how to be fast and adapted consequently the style of riding.

RaceAnalyse Portimao
Max and Lukas in Portimao

«With RaceAnalyse  you can learn the optimized timing for the route that leads to success»


EWCWM Official Yamaha Factory Team; Moto2; SBK; EWC; IDM; SSPWM:


I like it! I'am mega convinced of RaceAnalyse!!

Winner Yamaha R6 Cup

3-times winner IDM

RaceAnalyse Andalusia
GÁBOR H-MOTO TEAM in Andalusia

«RaceAnalyse  learned us how to be fast and safe while adapting consequently the style of riding»  


WorldSBK; BMW Team Toth

RaceAnalyse JetSurf
JetSurf Champion with Troy Corser in Florida

«Another happy user of RaceAnalyse. Together we can use it on the water with JetSurf racing to improve our lap times»


Team BMW

Two-times World Champion SBK

Digital RaceAnalyse is already on several hundreds of race tracks in Europe and USA regularly in use and works on each race circuit globally. For each track selected reference laps are available to easily compare and analyse your riding style to get finally faster. 

- RaceAnalyse works for Bike, Car, MX & Kart Racing, JetSurf & JetSki as well for all other motorized vehicles on race circuit, on water and/or public street. For each driver needs specific web applications will be available.

- This high precision system is designed for individual racers and street fighters, professional timers, as well for event organizers, track and club owners, federations and motor sports areas.


 Jonas Folger & Marcel Schrötter: Special Training with RaceAnalyse


High-precision GPS data recording from RaceAnalyse in the test

Accessories and insider tips - 16:50


 Racetrack: Why is he faster than me?


«RaceAnalyse» Facebook for track racers

To improve theire laptimes 1000PS did decide for RaceAnalyse - 10:50


The cold reality is that a significant number of motor-cycle serious casualties are the result of single-vehicle crashes according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Still, many enthusiasts enjoy a life-time of riding without injury. The key to optimizing your safety is to be prepared and avoid risks. RaceAnalyse supports you to understand better two wheels behavior to stay safe and get more fun.


As professionals put it, there is no better advice than to go and find a motor-cycle safety riding course in your area. A safety course can teach you the basics, as well as advanced techniques, such as how to perform evasive emergency maneuvers. Safety training are offered as well on dedicated race circuits to feel the spirit of sports race riding. RaceAnalyse documents your skills enhancements to get safer with more fun.


To get faster there is no other way than to make your exercise home work. This starts with training the right technique for safety riding and as a result biking gets easier and fast. This is the professional and only safe sequence to improve your lap times. RaceAnalyse is a virtual trainer to evaluate your driving skills and make proposals what to train next and point out your progresses from first safety training up to your winning races on MotoGP race tracks.