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RaceAnalyse works for Bike, Car, MX & Kart Racing as well for all motorized vehicles on race circuit and/or public street driving. For each driver needs specific web applications will be available.

This high precision system is designed for professional timers, event organizers, track and club owners, federations and sports areas as well as for individual racers and street fighters.

RaceAnalyse System - Valentinos Sale

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This sale is limited to 50 pcs. RaceAnalyse systems.


10Hz GNSS transponder with GSM data telemetry to internet and virtual trainer application for detailed lap analysis.

Incl. VAT plus including 1 Year data telemetry and web application/software services - fair use

10Hz GPS Racer
CHF 595.00 2

CHF 495.00

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RaceAnalyse Application Services

Data Telemetry and Web Application Data Analysis Services.

Virtual Trainer Application for detailed lap analysis.


Choose the right service according your needs.
1 stint complies to 20 Minutes race time

Data and WebApplication Service

CHF 45.00

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