• 10Hz high accuracy low power Swiss Made global 4-fold satellite navigation system module (GNSS)
  • GNSS sensor  includes NAVSTAR GPS (USA), GLONASS (USSR), Galileo (EU) und Beidou (China)
  • Up to 0,5m GNSS sensor horizontal position accuracy
  • A-GPS technology for faster GNSS start-up performance and enhanced positioning precision 
  • Inertial measurement unit (IMU sensor) with 3D accelerometer, 3D gyroscope and 3D magnetometer for the measurement of drive dynamic 
  • Bike leaning angle appraisal
  • Internet access via M2M network with encrypted and compressed wireless data transmitting
  • 8GB memory for redundant and extended drive data storage
  • Powerful lithium ion battery with auto on/off mode for extended operation time and fast recharging 
  • Intelligent battery power consumption management with standby/idle mode if bike is not in use
  • 3 color LEDs for battery charging level, GNSS status, data server connection and data transmitting activity
  • Battery charging time: typically 3 hours
  • Device Dimensions: about 100 x 60 x 25 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 100 gram
  • Housing: Waterproof IP63
  • Operating temperature: 0-55°C
  • Transponder ID: Unique and encrypted number
  • Speed: up to 370 km/h

§This specifications are tentative and subject to VIP feedbacks and changes

Comparison of RaceAnalyse vs Typical Lap Timer 


Typical lap timer


10Hz GNSS up to 0,5m

On-line A-GPS fast startup 15 sec.

Active antenna support

No 5m to 3m positioning precision

No Off-line A-GPS startup 300 sec.



10Hz high precision GNSS <1m 95%

Gyro-, Accel-, and Magnetic sensors

OBD2/ECU vehicle data

No 10Hz GPS <5m 50% CEP

No Accelerometer rarely gyro sensor

No additional sensors needed

Data Analysis

Lap times, intermediates, sectors

Trajectory 0.5m, DeltaTime distance, leaning angle

Virtual trainer and cloud analysis

WebApp 3rd party as Android, IOs, Chrome, IE, Edge, etc.

n.a – typical data visualization not analysis


No comparison to private data

No just proprietary software


Built in cellular cloud data transfer

On-line and real time lap analysis

Bluetooth-LE4 and USB-3



Manual data transfer via Bluetooth, USB 

Easy To Use

Plug and Play

Web based analysis application

Easy to understand virtual trainer

Plug and Play

No Manual drive data management

No Local software installation

No Difficult and unintelligible data visualization

No Battery connection, wiring, screwing


Race Circuit with display

Street Fighters

Track Day Agency

Track Manager

Go-Cart, MX, Car

Yes with lap time display

No non meaningful data/analysis

No non live trajectory and timing

No non meaningful data/analysis